Dry yeast vs. Liquid yeast

Dry yeast vs. Liquid yeast

Post by Derrick Po » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 08:48:38

I've been brewing beer for some time, and in that realm there is no
question that liquid yeast gives far superior results to dry.  However,
I've been told that in wine-making it's not so critical.  So my question
is:  does liquid yeast give much better results, or is dry OK?

To be more specific:  we are about to brew our first batch of wine.  For
juice we have acquired some California white Chardonnay juice (not extract)
in a 6 U.S. gallon box (foil packed).  I think it's flash-pasteurized.

What yeast should I use?  There is a pack of dry yeast in the box, but I'm
leary of that, just because in beer-making, the dry yeast included with
kits is usually substandard (certainly in comparison to liquid, anyway).

Also, a vocabulary question:  is unfermented grape juice referred to as the
must, equivalent to wort in beer-making?

And just where is that FAQ?  Is there one for this group yet (I understand
this is a fairly new group)?

Muchos gracias all!


University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C