Elder Flower Will not Ferment (Help!!)

Elder Flower Will not Ferment (Help!!)

Post by Sarah Bart » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 17:29:38

Dear Anyone,

I am fairly new to the craft of winemaking, so far I've only produced a gallon
of strawberry (which was succesful!) but I have been trying to make some

Recipe said,soak flowers, orange, lemon and some cold tea in boiling water,
after a couple of days strain into a pan add sugar and boil, when cool put
into fermentation bin add yeast etc, ..... it didn't ferment amazingly well

After about a week transfer to demijohn feed daily with sugar to dryness,
somewhere here it stopped fermenting, I have tried adding 3mg of Vit B, i've
added fresh stater of yeast, I have even racked into a fresh demijohn and
added fresh yeast, which I made sure was going really well but as soon as it
gets there it stops.

It seems to do better with heat and shaking, but this could just be stuff
coming out of solution, it has also had some camden tablets added at some

The yeast I am using is just a general purpose one, do I need a "Super
Yeast??".  The "wine" tastes pretty sweet and yucky and is also very cloudy.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance, Sarah.


Elder Flower Will not Ferment (Help!!)

Post by Maris » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 22:07:09

Try 1/2 pkt yeast in 2 cups apple juice.  Let work until bubbling well
then add to wine.  This is a good yeast starter. Or add 2 tsp yeast
nutrient or yeast energizer.  Temperature for ideal fermentation is 70 -
80 degrees, if too hot won't work as yeast killed.  Too cold and
fermentation is slow and opportunistice yeast could take over. As for
cloudy, don't worry, racking will help clear that out.  Making wine takes
at least a year as the wine needs to settle and age.  Any other help