Yeast, yeast, and more yeast

Yeast, yeast, and more yeast

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The person who indicated they had a yeast description list, is having
trouble posting it to the internet, so I was asked to do so.  I have no
knowledge of the accuracy or source of this information, so don`t
bother to email me for more info.  Try the address in the included
message header if you like.  No warranty expressed or implied.

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Epernay 2

Slow fermenter and leaves a delicate, perfumey aroma without tropical
overtones of UCD 594, and a smooth, fruity flavor.  Temperature should
be kept cool to preserve fruitiness.  Good for whites and fruits.  May
have trouble going to dryness if too cold or nutrient poor wines (like
Chardonnay).  Sometimes used for Pinot Noir.  Foams very little.

Calif Champagne, UCD 505

Flocculates superbly, leaving large chunks if left to settle
undisturbed.  White wines have a simple, clean, yeasty quality similar
to champagne.  Recommended for sparkling wines and very aromatic


Very fast and vigorous fermenter.  Good for stuck fermentations.  Never
use if you want to leave some residual sugar.  Provides clean, varietal
wines.  Often used for Cabernet.


Can product varied results.  When it's good, it's very very good.  When
it's bad, it's very very bad.  Never use if fruit has been recently
dusted with sulphur.  Yeast has a tendancy to product H2S.  Starts
fast, attaining a very high temperature, then slows and sometimes
sticks if stressed.  Very good for reds and full bodied whites that
need a hot fermentation.  Flavors are full and complex and intense in


Intended for carbonic maceration or fresh, fruity red wine.  Ferments
strongly but leaves a grapey sort of fruitiness.

Pasteur Champagne

An all purpose white wine yeast sometimes used for reds as well.
Usually a fast, usually complete yeast.  Do not use for slow
fermentations or needing residual sugar.  Flavors are clean and
pleasant....body and complexity are not emphasized.   Sometimes used
for stuck fermentations.  Despite the name, it is not used for
sparkling wines.

Prie de Mousse

Ferments evenly and usually goes to completion.  Clean, slightly yeasty
aroma does not interfere with varietal flavors.  Used for both reds and


Slow fermentation rate with an austere fruitiness.  Wines are spicy,
complex, medium body, and dark color.  Often preferred for Pinot Noir.
SOmetimes needs balancing with oak ageing.


Used for grapes infected with botrytis.  It intensifies the
apricot/honey flavors produced by the mold.


Ferments evenly, low H2S production, flloculates well, makes compact
lees.  Flavors are refined and elegant with emphasis on varietal
fruit.  Often used for Chardonannay.  Prone to sticking in nutrient
poor musts.


Usually used as a tirage yeast but could be used for innoculating the
cuvee in sparkling wines as well.  Has subdued yeastiness with

Pasteur Red

Very popular for reds.  Fast, strong fermenter used for full bodied
reds.  Yields wines that are complex, cabernet style concentration of
fruit and color.

Pasteur White

Intended for dry, crisp, white wines.  The yeast provides complexity
instead of fruittiness emphasizing acidity.  Senesitive to sudden
chilling.  Foams spectacturely.


Produces a distintive, flowery, complex combination of scents when
fermented cool.  Slows with sudden chilling but usually completes.
Good for reisling and other german style wines.

UCD 594

Starts very very slowly and ferments evenly.  Fermentation temperature
does not change much nor is activity that apparaent.  Provides a highly
aromatic character called 'fruit salad' or tropical flavor.  Not
generally used in reds.  Sensitive to SO2.  May produce excess "H2S if
sulphur dust is on the fruit.

Some suggestions (depending on styles)

d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

White wines
Chardonnay (regular)                            Chanson, Prie de Mousse
Chardonnay (heavy)                              Montrachet
Chenin Blanc                                    UCD 594, Epernay 2
Gewurtz and Rielsing (young/fresh)              Epernay 2
""                 ""(complex)              Steinberg
Muscat                                          UCD 594 or any
                                                  white wine
Sauvignon Blanc                                 Chanson, Pasteur
White                                           Prise de Mousse
Semillon                                        Chanson, Pasteur Champ

Red Wines
Cabernet (regular)                              Pasteur Red
   "     (other)                                P. Champ, Montrachet,
                                                  Pr. de Mousse
Merlot                                          P. Red, Assmanshausen
Merlot (for blending)                           Epernay 2, Beaujolis,
Gamay                                           Beaujolais
Petit Sirah                                     doesn't matter
Pinot Noir (light)                              Beaujolais
Pinot Noir (regular)                            Assmanshausen
White Zin                                       Epernay 2, Prise de
Zinfandel, claret style                         Pasteur Red
   "            fruity                          Pris de Mousse
   "             heavy                          Montrachet
   "       over 25 brix                         Fermivin

French/American hybrids
Aurora                                          Epernay 2
Cayuga                                          Chanson, Pris de Mousse
Reds fruity style (Chelois, Foch, etc)          Epernay 2, Beaujolais
Reds full bodied (Baco, Chambourcin, etc)       P. Red, Fermivin,
Seyval/Vidal Blanc (dry)                        Chanson, Pris de Mousse
      "      "     (sweet)                      Epernay 2

Special types
Blanc de noirs and Rose                         Epernay 2, Prise de
Carbonic Maceration                             Beaujolais
Late Harvest (Botrytis)                         Beerenauslese,
Port                                            P. Champ
Sparkling (cuvee)                               Eperney 2, Prise de
                                                  Mousse, P. Champ
Sparkling (tirage)                              Etoile, C. Champ,
                                                  P. de Mousse
Stuck fermentations                             Fermivin, P. Champ

Non Grape wines
Apples                                          epernay 2, Chanson
Berry, Cherry                                   P. Red, Beaujolais
Peach, pear, apricot, plum                      Epernay 2, C. Champ,
                                                  P. Mousse
Other                                           epernay 2

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