Montmartre brand New York State "Champagne" - old bottle, any good?

Montmartre brand New York State "Champagne" - old bottle, any good?

Post by Sparky X » Fri, 15 Mar 2002 08:27:52

If this is not the right group to pose/post such a question, please
forgive me.

I found a bottle of "Montmartre brand NEW YORK STATE CHAMPAGNE"
(capitalization retained from label).  Gold foil wrap on top, seal
unbroken.  The label on the front also says "made and bottled by
Northern State Vineyards, Batavia, N.Y."  I could not find *anything*
on "Northern State Vineyards" through Google or Altavista.

It's possible that this bottle is about or over 40 years old, as the
label affixed to the back of the bottle by the liquor store (from
which it was apparenlty purchased) lists the city/state part of the
address as "Chicago 6, Ill."  This type of city/state addressing
suggests that the label was printed at a time when zip codes were not
in use, and zip codes were introduced in 1963.

1. Could this "champagne" be any good?  If it is undecided, will it
hurt me if I taste it?
2. Even if the "champagne" is bad, could the bottle still be worth
something to someone?  I'm not really looking to make a buck, but if
the bottle is really worthless I would just throw it away.

As an aside, I found quite a few old bottles of wine and liquor
(whiskey, brandy, creme de menthe, sherry, gin).  All wine bottles
unopened, most liquor bottles opened.  How can I check if any of these
liqours/wines are any good?

Sparky XT