FS: 3 EP Concepts, SCALE bodies for LMH and EP helis, plus spares!

FS: 3 EP Concepts, SCALE bodies for LMH and EP helis, plus spares!

Post by LV RCFly » Wed, 10 May 2000 04:00:00

For Sale:

EP Concept Package One:

This heli is in EXCELLENT shape, and has been equipped/adjusted for optimum
performance.  Includes the following:

- EP Concept electric helicopter with collective pitch
- 4 Cirrus CS-30 mini ball bearing servos
- Novak Arrow electronic speed control
- Century PZ-200 micro piezo gyro
- Trinity Speed Gems II modified 16 turn ball bearing motor (GREAT power!)
- Upgrade aluminum motor heat sink
- Upgrade Kyosho high performance main blades (Still new in package; $50
- Upgrade long main mast and rod set
- Upgrade tail rotor blades (Still new in package)

This heli has been maintained and adjusted to provide top performance.  Canopy
is still new and has not had the decals applied.  Also includes orignal box.
Heli is ready to fly with the addition of your receiver and 7/8 cell battery
pack (Also available, see below).  Asking price is $475 shipped to your door.
Or, can be sold ready to fly with JR XF 622 6 channel computer heli radio and 6
channel micro receiver for $600...great for the beginner as no adjustment will
be neccesary (Still seek help from an experienced pilot for the first

EP Concept Package Two:

This heli is in very good shape.  Was just recently purchased used and has been
flown, but I have yet to fly it myself.  Includes:

- EP Concept electric helicopter with collective pitch
- 4 FMA S200 mini ball bearing servos
- Futaba MCH-114 micro electronic speed control specifically for helis
- Futaba G-153 ball bearing rate gyro
- Kyosho Advance 6 FM heli radio
- Kyosho Advance FM receiver
- Kyosho AP36 heli motor
- Upgrade Kyosho high performance wooden main blades
- Upgrade long main mast and rod set (Still new in packaging; $40 option)
- Upgrade tail rotor blades

Components must be remounted, but everything (less battery and charger, see
below) required for flight is included.  All manuals and original box are
included to aid in set up and flight of the heli.  Asking price is $475 shipped
to your door!

EP Concept Package Three:

This is a %80 new EP Concept heli.  Some parts have been used, others are still
in packages and yet unassembled.  Includes:

- EP Concept electric heli with collective pitch (One complete airframe)
- Kyosho AP36 heli motor
- New in package additional tail boom
- Other various new in package spare parts

A great addition to have for spares, or can be equipped with all radio gear and
flown.  Asking price is $150 shipped, or will be included for $100 additional
with above package one or two.  

EP Concept scale bodies (Can also fit the LMH 100/100+/110+, have link for

VERY RARE and NOT available in the US!!!  These are only sold as a package, not
seperately as there is only one set of full scale landing gear to use with both
bodies.  Includes:

- New in box Kyosho Jet Ranger body with all decals and accessories
- New in box Kyosho Hughes 500 body with all decals and accessories

These bodies have never been mounted or used.  Cost was about $175US each to
buy these bodies directly from Japan.  Asking price is $200 (Very firm) shipped
for both bodies.  Or, will include both bodies for $150 additional with any
above package (one, two or three).

As I am liquidating a large portion of my electric helicopter fleet, I no
longer need 4 chargers, and some battery packs.  Thinning out:

- CMI 6/7 cell AC/DC charger and discharger with voltmeter.  $15 with any above
package or $25 alone.  
- 7 cell "hump" 1400 SCR pack.  $10 with above
- 7 cell flat 1700 SCR pack.  $17 with above
- 7 cell "hump" 1800 SCR pack.  $15 with above

All prices are quite firm as everything is in the best of shape.  More than
$2000 has been invested, and would also accept $1200 for the entire lot whole.
I fly a number of electric helicopters, but a lack of time and moving has
prompted the sale of this collection.  Please email any questions or inquiries

Sorry, no trades.  Will not part packages out at this time.  Thanks so much,


PS: You can find some articles Ive written pertaining to electric helicopters


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