Discount Hobby Shop in Dixon, CA

Discount Hobby Shop in Dixon, CA

Post by GB » Mon, 15 Jun 1998 04:00:00

  Hello Fellow Hobbyists,
    I want to let you folks in the Northern California area know about a
new Discount Hobby Shop called Dixon Hobby Shop & Raceway.  This shop
started out as a slot car track with slot cars, rockets and plastic
models.  Now the shop is getting into remote control items at a discount
price.  I mean so competitive that it may not be worth your time to buy it
and pay for the shipping from Tower Hobbies.  Give them a call and see.
     Right now the remote control part of the shop is just getting
started.  Their stock consists mainly of planes, cars, tools, parts and
flightline equipment.  The shop plans on getting into boats because it is
located just 11 miles north of the Dixon Modelers Lake and Flying Field at
Argyll Park. They are willing to special order anything and can usually
give you a surprisingly low price.  Give them a call or stop by the shop
and talk to the owner and let him know what you are looking for.  I think
the price he quotes you will surprise even the frequent mail order

     The Dixon Hobby Shop and Raceway is located at 143 N. First Street in
Dixon, CA.  You can take the 80 freeway and take the 113 exit South (113
and First Street are the same) for about 3 miles and you will see the shop
on your left hand side.  The shop has a green awning over it and is
directly across from the old theater.  

Their hours are:
   Monday      Closed
   Tuesday     Closed
   Wednesday   3pm to 8pm
   Thursday    3pm to 8pm
   Friday      3pm to 10pm
   Saturday    12 noon to 8pm
   Sunday      12 noon to 5pm  

Their Phone Number is (707) 678-2162

     Slot Car Races are held on Friday and Saturday Nights.  Please call
for race times and slot car classifications.

     Please feel free to stop by or give them a call if you plan on doing
some remote control hobby purchasing.  Let them know what you are looking
for and see the kind of deals they have.


P.S.  Bring your Dad or Children to the shop on Father's Day and get a
free slot car rental for your Dad and yourself.