Need Baron 50 spares

Need Baron 50 spares

Post by David M. Wrig » Sun, 14 Sep 1997 04:00:00

The Baron 50 tail boom is tapered , not straight. I also have two
Baron 50s, and a Baron 60. And, I think I still have some spare booms.

Dave Wright



>I'm getting back into flying 'copters after being out of the scene for the
>last 3-4 years and I have 2 Baron 50's. I need a new tail boom for one so the
>question is :-

>1. Where can I get spares for the 50 (I know the model is discontinued!).
>2. It looks to me like the tail boom used is the same size (diameter etc) as
>the new Baron 30, except it is longer. Are tail booms cut from standard
>material? If so can I get any size I want, and where from?

>Thanks in advanve for help received,