Raptor 60 Spares: Tail Rotor Grip

Raptor 60 Spares: Tail Rotor Grip

Post by Rob Baile » Wed, 06 Jun 2001 04:13:31

I have a question, particularly for anyone living in the U.S. or far east.

I tried to buy a set of tail rotor grips for the Raptor 60 from my local
store (part PV0148). When we checked the bag we found only one grip (front &
back) but enough bolts with nuts for two grips. He thought there should have
been two so I didn't buy it (only one in stock). Instead I ordered a set
from my mail order supplier.

When the part arrived, you guessed - there was only one grip but with enough
nuts & bolts for two sets. I checked with the supplier who was surprised but
could not tell me if this was correct - i.e. that there should only be one

Now I think that the shipment from Thunder Tiger sent to us here (in the
U.K.) is faulty - i.e. is missing one set of grips. Why else include enough
bolts and nuts for two. The Raptor 30 comes in pairs so I'm convinced.

Can any of you guys in other parts of the world comment - did you order
PV0148 and did you get one grip or two.

Thanks for your help.