JR 783 and CCPM - setup questions?

JR 783 and CCPM - setup questions?

Post by Phil Kem » Sun, 27 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I just had my XP783 JR Radio CCPM enabled. It seems that there are two
modes for CCPM one for 2 servos and one for 3, as well as a normal mech.
mix mode.

Once in the model program there are travel adjusts for each servo. I am
currently setting up an ECO 8.

Could anyone give some hints as to setup on the CCPM modes such as how to
gauge the T.Adj. and tuning the 3 servo positions? My swashplate moves up
and down with no visible tilt.

Any help,pointers, guidance would be most helpful.


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Phil Kemp