FS: lots of used JR radio gear

FS: lots of used JR radio gear

Post by AnnMarie Cro » Mon, 03 Dec 2001 08:32:54

for sale on ebay!

JR servo used L4001    1670706105  $4.25
JR servo used 4721     1670710500  $54.00
JR servo used 7005     1670711713  $20.50
JR used 3021 mini      1670715991 $18.50
JR used 480 beacon airplane finder 1670719725  $5.80
JR 517 servo used      1671123635    $5.50
used JR 9021 servo     1671133539    $5.50  
used JR NER-627XZ PCM 7ch rcv 1671136689  $31.00  
JR used 4131 servo with long servo leads 1672001749  $9.99  $9.99  

and more items going up today/tomorrow. all have been unused for 4+
years, all have been tested and work fine.

to view, please visit www.ebay.com and enter the item # you're
interested in in the search. then use the "see sellers other auctions"
button to see the other items i've listed.

happy flying!!!

Mrs. AnnMarie Cross
Senior Manager, Proprietary Service and Support
Great Planes Model Distributors