Need help with tail linkage/Gyro setup

Need help with tail linkage/Gyro setup

Post by Kevin Kl » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 01:43:27


I am putting together a Vario X-Treme heli and am at the point of fine
tunning all of my linkages and my radio setup.  I have everything
looking good except the tail, and am having problems.

I have the JR 460T for the Gyro.  It is a heading hold gyro, but has
no endpoint adjustment for the servo, and that is the source of my
problem.  I need 10 degrees of movement on one side of center and 15
degrees on the other side for my servo.  Normaly I could use the
travel adjustment on my radio to work with this, but the Gyro has no
awarness of those settings and can move the servo well beyond what the
linkages will allow.  If I move the ball link further in on the servo
arm, I will be under the 16mm distance the gyro book says to stay, and
I will not get that 15 degrees of movement for turning counter to the
natural spin.

Am I missing something, or did I mess myself up trying to save a few
bucks and do I need to just get a better Gyro, and if so, what one
should I look at?

Thanks for any help and advice you can give.
Kevin Klug