Help needed with Shuttle upgrade parts

Help needed with Shuttle upgrade parts

Post by Tommi Nurmine » Fri, 21 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Just got some upgrade parts from QuickUK, some advice needed:

1. the metal washplate came with a sleeve to fit into Shuttles 8mm
Should I glue the sleeve into the centre ball of the swashplate? This
would prevent
the sleeve traveling up and down along the shaft...

2. Got new flybar control arm & see-saw. The flybar seems to be some
too wide (or wider than original shuttle control arm). The flybar
carrier (see-saw) is
the same size as the original plastic version. How do I fit these two
together? It seems
to me, that I need to put some spacers to fill up the gaps between the
carrier and the arm!
Whats the trick here?

BTW Encouraged by others I also tried my first AUTO yesterday. After an
hour of pre-practice I
decided to go all the way down. Not a perfect touchdown though - nothing
... have to work with those hovering autos a little bit more...


- Tommi -