Subject: FS: Kalt ZR Enforcer

Subject: FS: Kalt ZR Enforcer

Post by Bob » Sat, 02 Jan 1999 04:00:00

     For Sale

     Kalt Enforcer Zr  (assembled)
     OS 32SX-H
     Pegae fan and start cone
     Kalt muffler
     Futaba G-132 dual rate gyro

     Heli is in excellent condition
     Engine was stored with fuel in tank and needs bearings
     Gyro is old but works fine
     No Rx, battery or servos

     Great heli but discontinued, don't know about parts availability.
     Have current pictures available if you e-mail, however have been
     sometimes unsuccessful at getting them throughAOL.
               $175 you pay shipping       Continental US only