Conversion Moskito Basic to Sport/Expert

Conversion Moskito Basic to Sport/Expert

Post by Ja » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 18:31:01

Hi there,

I have tried to get an answer from Robbe via their E-mail, but even
after a few months, no answer.
Perhaps somebody out there could answer them.
I am flying a Robbe Moskito Basic at the moment. Now I am thinking
about converting it to a larger dimension, like a Sport type.
The reasons for this are that I want to buy a fuselage kit for it, and
also wanna have a choice in different main rotor blades. (not just the
wooden types that are available for the Basic type, which are very
I have already learned about extending the tailboom and belt drive,
but are there any considerations about the gear ratio or are these
gears for the Basic the same as on the Sport?
Is an OS 46 sx-h the right engine for it? (at the moment a need a new
engine, the old one was not ment for a heli (Thunder Tiger 40) and
more or less got burnt. Or should I go for a Webra engine? I have
heard that the OS is much easier to start. Is this true?

Further more, I already use the larger main rotor bladeholders, (12
mm)instead of the Basic (10mm).
So, if I use a bigger engine (the RPM's are the same for my old
Thunder as they are for the OS 46, only the BHP would increase about
175 %!)and extend the tailboom and drive, would that be enough for a
conversion? It looks too simpel to be true...
(the intended fuselage would be the Gonzo from MZ-Modelltechnik,
specially designed for the Moskito)

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards

(Lelystad, Netherlands)