FA (UK only) complete radio control electric model helicopter with gear and accessories

FA (UK only) complete radio control electric model helicopter with gear and accessories

Post by Mike » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 05:07:54


I'm auctioning my Eco 8 radio control model helicopter.  To see the
pictures then checkout the Ebay item number 3139726210 or search on "Eco
8" at www.ebay.co.uk

The item text is as follows :

"Eco 8 radio controlled electric model helicopter. Assembled, complete
and ready to go (will need to remove tailboom and canopy for shipping -
10 minute job to refit).
This includes absolutely everything you need to start from scratch in RC
electric helicopters : nothing else is required in order to fly this
electric heli, all radio gear (even the TX) is included.

See my other auction for a comprehensive set of upgrades and spare
parts, including brushless motor / controller setup with a pair of 10
cell flight packs for ultimate performance.

Included in sale :

Eco 8 Electric helicopter including original Ikarus assembly drawings
and instructions
Futaba FF6 computer TX (boxed complete with instructions, NiCad, charger
and Xtal)
Webra 6 channel micro RX with Xtal
GWS PG-03 Gyro (complete with original box and instructions)
3 off BX250 MG BB metal gear ball-bearing servos (collective and pitch
1 off HS80 MG servo (tail rotor control)
Ikarus Helicontrol 610 (6 to 10 cell) Speed controller with BEC
600 sized motor (9.6V)
1700 mAh Sanyo NiCad battery pack
Hitec 325 charger (delta peak detect, 4.5 A max charge current) /
discharger / capacity meter. Boxed with manual.
Mechanical CCP mixer (supplied but not fitted)
Normal (non-autorotation) main gear (supplied but not fitted)

Includes following upgrades :

QuickUK Electronic CCP mixer (supplied and fitted)
Autorotation hub (supplied and fitted)
Horizontal Stabiliser (supplied but not fitted)"

Buyer (UK only) pays postage.
Cheques/drafts drawn on UK banks only accepted. PAYPAL NOT ACCEPTED."