JR XP652 Setup Help Needed

JR XP652 Setup Help Needed

Post by Peter McCartne » Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I have a JR XP652 transmitter and a CSM 540 HH Gyro fitted inb my Nexus
30.  My question is this:  How can I assign the following to separate
toggle switches on the TX?

1) Throttle Hold
2) Gyro Heading Hold on/off
3) Idle up

I currently have Throttle Hold and the Gyro assigned to the two top
switches, but ideally would like the top left to be Idle Up and assign
Gyro HH mode to one of the 'aux' switches which appear to be used for
plank elevators?  The manual is somewhat unclear on this so I could do
with some help!

Thanks in advance