Eco Piccolo - a beginners machine ?

Eco Piccolo - a beginners machine ?

Post by Colin Dycke » Sat, 19 Feb 2000 04:00:00


The Piccolo IS difficult to fly, but VERY good practice, and of course you
can fly indoors.

I've got a lot of RealFlight sim practice and managed to hover for 15
minutes in less than two hours of flying time on the Piccolo.

I would guess that if you can fly the Piccolo you can fly anything, but I
could be wrong.

See my post "Details of Piccolo Tether/Power Supply" for more info.



>Just a quick question to all you out there with Piccolo experience, would
>you recommend it as a machine that a beginner (aka newbie) could gain
>valuable "stick time" on away from the field or is it a machine for the
>more/totally experienced ?

>Does the piccoboard work with most makes of modern computer radios ?

>Any piccolo related comments would be appreciated