ECO Piccolo Trim / Setup Question help needed.

ECO Piccolo Trim / Setup Question help needed.

Post by Anonymou » Thu, 12 Apr 2001 05:47:07

I have my heli mechanically trimmed the best that I can. With the Roll &
Pitch trims of the Transmitter set to the middle, the swashplate appears to
be at a right angle to the rotor shaft. I mounted the battery behind the
front legs of the skids and when I try to balance the heli it is just about
dead on for center of gravity.

I am going through the book and I get the section on t*** the pico
board. Is it OK to leave off the canopy while testing the adjustments? It
has a terrible yaw problem. The tails moves to the right. The tail rotor
spins up before the main rotor.

How do I figure out which direction and which gain control to adjust? I do
not have the pico board instructions, just a little red piece of paper that
says it is an addendum to the pico board instructions.

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ECO Piccolo Trim / Setup Question help needed.

Post by neil » Thu, 12 Apr 2001 08:29:32

dont worry about the canopy, i can email you the piccoboard instructions if
you like, the left potentiometer does the gyro sensitivity, right the tail
mixing, it is difficult to balance the two but both should be in about 11
o'clock position,
sounds like you need to reduce the tail mixing so both start together.
email me for more info if you want,

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