Radio and Gyro setup help needed!

Radio and Gyro setup help needed!

Post by Tim » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Finally got everything built on my new Hawk II.     But I have some
questions about radio and Gyro setup.

First off Im using a Futaba 8UAF and have not changed any of the defaults
after assigning a the new aircraft to my menu.
For the aileron servo......everything is even (servo wheel) and the bell
crank is at 90 degrees when the throttle is at HALF <-----is this right, or
should it be set this way (even wheel) when throttle is at idle?      It
appears wrong to me cause when I bring the th. stick to idle I have way too
much negative pitch in the main rotors.

As for the gyro, I have the piezo PG-01T ( would like to know if this is a
good gyro also).      I have it set up moving everything the right way but
do not understand the instructions too well, where it talks about setting
the GAIN and  Neutral.        After hooking it all up, my servo is still in
the same "Neutral" position it was before the gyro was I still
need to adjust this?

And finally what does "Hunting" mean, as this is the term used for setting
the Gain.

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