FS - Hirobo Shuttle Challenge ARF

FS - Hirobo Shuttle Challenge ARF

Post by joel6.. » Sat, 22 May 1999 04:00:00

I recently ordered a Hirobo Shuttle Challange ARF ( 449.99 ) and a
piezo gyro ( 99.99 ).  I ran two tanks of fuel through the Shuttle to
break in the motor. I had setup lessons with an experienced pilot to
learn how to hover the Shuttle.  In the meantime, I decided that I
would like to purchase another airplane.  Being short on cash, I have
decided to sell the shuttle and gyro.

I have never flown a helicopter before, nor can I tell you how the
Shuttle flys.

Make an reasonable offer, no stupid offers please.

To keep traffic off the server, email your questions / offers to me



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