F.S. Kalt enforcer/space baron and spares

F.S. Kalt enforcer/space baron and spares

Post by mick » Wed, 24 Oct 2001 05:20:02

I have a Kalt enforcer/ space baron S for sale complete with S.C. 36h engine
and Weston one piece tuned muffler.It has a carbon tail drive and rear servo
kit, carbon boom brace,S30 head,all the pitch linkages are ballraced.It is
in very good condition and comes with the following spares
1. new unopened main shaft.
2. new unopened mixing base
3. new unopened aileron pitch link
4. spare main gear
5. spare swashplate
6. spare planetary carrier,gears and one way bearings
7. spare ring gear
8. spare complete main frame, u/c legs and servo tray.
9. spare tail drive gear

the cost of the spares alone is over 140.00 and should be able to keep the
heli flying for a while. the only main spares that are not included is the
clutch and feathering spindles ( feathering spindles are easy to make and I
think midland helis still has some in stock)
A lot of the parts will fit on the baron 30 (with the obvious exception of
the main drivetrain)
the whole lot is 110.00   no offers and buyer must collect or pay any
postage or carriage costs.

(I live in the north of england near Lancaster.)

If anyone is interested I have the address of a shop in the uk that has most
of the enforcer spares in stock except main shafts and feathering spindles

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