Kalt Enforcer ZR PARTS

Kalt Enforcer ZR PARTS

Post by Dragon Slaye » Mon, 28 May 2001 08:00:18

iv collected parts for the enforcer and the zr version for the past few
years because i loved the way they flew and wanted to be able to keep them
up and running long after the parts became hard to get.  sence then i have
moved myself into the raptors, i now have 4 and love the way they fly, and
parts are much easyer to get, the point here is, I GOT LOTS AND LOTS  of
kalt parts onhand, some new some used, some of the hard to gets and some of
the "aint nobody got any" ones too, was just wondering if anyone is
interested in a fair price for these parts????

i will make a list of parts and take pics if people show an interest, there
is one complete ZR less eng and main blades too.  just not worth the hassel
of crashing and not haveing something further down the line.

just a thought.


Kalt Enforcer ZR PARTS

Post by Dragon Slaye » Mon, 28 May 2001 09:03:02

OK the pics are up.........the link is


I'm not going to split this up unless it comes down to just that, id like to
sell it all for one, the parts that I have that are new still have the
prices where I bought them out from the local hobby shop when she informed
us that "no more kalt parts" the price on ONLY the new parts totals over
$600, this doesn't include the heli that is together or the extra parts
which include 2 complete transmission's with main shafts and all main gear
and planetary gears, there are several cooling fans, new side frames skid
sets 3 new main shafts new fathering spindles new flapping yokes and even a
new 1 piece metal clutch and metal clutch bell.   I'm asking $600 shipped,
this is a big and heavy box.