Ikarus ECO Piccolo - Trimming Question

Ikarus ECO Piccolo - Trimming Question

Post by Baby » Tue, 14 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I'm a beginner pilot. This is my first heli.
My hobby shop trimmed my Ikarus ECO Piccolo with the SWASHPLATE a little bit
to the LEFT and to the BACK of the helicopter (looking at the helicopter
from the tail to head), so that the swashplate is not exactly flat when the
servos are at neutral.  He then took a test flight with it in the shop and
hovered it in front of me.  Everything seemed fine to him.

However when I got home and tried to learn hovering by hopping/driving
around in my living room, the helicopter keeps on TILTING over to the LEFT
all the time even with full RIGHT aileron stick.

The heli radio had the aileron sub-trim at -48% (which means left because
the aileron servo is reversed on the helicopter).  The heli's CG relative to
the main shaft is a bit forward and left of the helicopter and the main
blades rotate clockwise.

I read in "The Basics of Radio Control Helicopters by Paul Tradelius" that I
should set the swashplate to tilt a bit to the receding direction of the
main blade (or tilt right for clockwise rotating blade) when the servos are
at neutral, but the hobby shop tilt the swashplate to the left and back
instead.  I RE-ADJUSTED the SWASHPLATE so that it tilts a bit to the RIGHT
AND FORWARD (just incase of boom strike but I know the CG is a bit forward
of main shaft) when the servos are neutral and tried to hop around.  This
time it's a lot easier for me on the aileron stick and elevator stick.

Now my sub-trim on my radio is readjusted:
from -84% to +3%  Aileron (reversed, ATV 70%)
from 0% to -17% Elevator (ATV 80%)
no change still +12% Throttle
no change still -68% Rudder

I might not re-adjust the swashplate so that the sub-trim of the elevator
servo is back to 0%, but leave the elevator sub-trim do the work especially
when I have the training gear (just thin wooden sticks) on.

Now, MY QUESTION (for help) to the expert fliers in this newsgroup is:
    "Was my modification to the swashplate's orientation opposite to that
setup by the model shop incorrect?  If I'm wrong, then why does my
helicopter seem to hop around better with the modification I have done
afterwards?  oh...questions for me? =)"

Ok...I know I'm a beginner that's not hovered on a real helicopter yet, but
I have done about 6-8 hours on the simulator already.  I don't know about
the swashplate and t*** and all that though - not that I've learned any
of that from the RealFlight have I?

Thanks for your time reading my question and my story leading to it.

Futaba 8UHFS
IKarus ECO Piccolo indoor heli
    All Micro components
    250mAh 8.4V
    5-7 minutes runtime
Future Plans:
    ECO8 or EP Concept
    maybe gas(nitro) when I start flying competitive