FS: NHP blades, sim, JR radio, etc.

FS: NHP blades, sim, JR radio, etc.

Post by Absolut » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

For sale:

660mm NHP semi-symmetrical blades (formerly owned by PJ Wales). Virtually
perfect condition.

NHP sim with brand new interface from Horizon (have letter verifying
this). Can't get it to work with my computer but works fine with everyone
elses, go figure. Have box, software, cable for JR radio, instructions,

JR Galaxy 8 Channel PCM Computer heli radio
Receiver with Dean's Whip Antenna
Brand new Tx battery
Have all literature/instructions

O.S. .46 SF run only 1 tank through.

Sullivan Starter w/cup

3 JR 517's

Best offer for any individual item or combination within 2 weeks accepted.
Will also consider interesting trades like cheap helis, high-quality
servos, piezo gyro, X-Cell upgrades.