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>Date: Tue, Jun 30, 1998 20:03 EDT

>I have seen/flown ECO-16 and it is a piece of junk. If you are beginner,
>get a 30 size glow helicopter and won't be sorry.
>Electrics are hard to set, fly and expensive to operate ($$$ for hour
>flight time). For the same amount of money you can get into decent glow
>If you still want an electric get Concept EP with collective. (not the
>Sport fixed pitch model).


I disagree with Stefan that the ECO is a piece of junk because...
It has many more gearing options.
Comes with wooden blades.
Has a carbon frame option.
Is CCPM ready.
The ECO 8 is 200$ (without motor), but
You can use a cheap 17 turn car motor.
It's a bigger than the Concept EP and more stable because of that.

OK. All that said, you DON'T want to start flying helis with an electric !!
I tried it, and quickly saw that it's an expensive way to start. They are much
more "twitchy" than a gas heli because of the light weight requirements.
I started with an EP with collective and had a ***in time trying to learn
hovering. By the time I would start to get comfy with the controls, the battery
was dead. I spent weeks on the CSM sim and still was not able to get into a
good hover.
BUY THE SIM and TRAINING GEAR no matter what heli you get. They will pay for
themselves over and over again !
You can take the following as gospel:
By the most expensive heli radio you can afford. An 8 series JR or Futaba will
let you fly helis, planks, and gliders so you can always use it if helis prove
to expensive.
If you can go for a 60 size heli, do it. otherwise get a 45 size. 45's are
probably the best bet right now as they are becoming more popular and less
expensive. If you want precision without spending a lot of upgrade bucks, get
the TSK MyStar 45. It's all metal with BB's throughout.  If you want a plastic
machine you have a lot of choices. Pick whatever someone local has. You WILL
need the support. Bottom line is -- buy whatever you feel will have the closest
, best support.
I have an ECO 8 that I will def keep and try to fly sometime in the future, but
the Concept EP will probably become a shelf model.
After getting frustrated with the EP, I bought a TSK MyStar 60 and was hovering
it after a  week of sim work. I have training gear on it and now, 8 weeks
later, I am doing circles around me in either direction and some forward
flight. I have Tail in hover undercontrol and have spent a week on nose in
hover and am ready to start that. The sim is owrht it's weight in gold, believe
me. The training gear has saved my heli 4 times now. They cost 65$ and have
probably saved me over 300$ by now easily.
Good luck and I hoped this helps you make an intelligent decision.
I know the electrics are tempting, cause I was tempted and succumbed. But it
was really a large waste of money as far as beginners go. I thought the same
thing you did. I could fly it anywhere, but hover my MyStar in a small open
field lot right next to my house almost every evening. So far the neighbors are
amused. I usually do 2 tankfuls for a total of about 20 minutes, so I don't
really disturb them for to long <grin>



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>has anyone flown the ECO-16. I am thinking about buying this heli. I am a
>beginner and will first spend many hours on the simulator. I would like to
>an electric Heli so I can pratice in my backyard or in the large park we
>next door.

>Anybody have any ideas on this?

Whoops! Now you did. it!! You are about to swamped with e-mail
from the "Screw electric, go Gas"!, Crowd!

Hobby Shop Groupies. Dotcha hate'em?