GPH 346 question

GPH 346 question

Post by Larry Marshal » Tue, 08 Sep 1998 04:00:00

>my kit.  Is there other editions of the GPH, I have heard of the limited
> I guess that there are, wire driven one, belt one, all metal, and the

My understanding is that the wire drive has been standard on the GPHs but
that they've recently made available a belt-drive conversion.  They will be
selling the GPH as a belt-drive heli soon.

 And finally (sorry these are all question, (I have been flying

>for over 4 yrs, have and x-cell, and I find these everywhere, and kyosho,
>shuttles ) BUT if the GPH is sooooo nice and it seems to be WHY is it not
>more popular.

More popular than what?  There were a number of them at IRCHA this year.
But general popularity seems to be a very regional thing for most brands of

  I have never seen one fly or even seen one until mine.  I

>cannot find one review on it???? seems weird to me?? thanks for any answers

We (MAN) will be reviewing the belt-drive version in the near future as
we're supposed to receive one next week.

Cheers --- Larry