Hirobo GPH 346 : opinions ?

Hirobo GPH 346 : opinions ?

Post by Olivier PASQUIE » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:28:04

I'm getting tired with my Nexus 46 and all its issues so I'm thinking
buying an Hirobo GHP 346 an I would be happy to get anyone feedback
about this heli concerning it's reliability, fly and spare pieces (I
live in France).
Also, I guess it exists in two versions: belt and shaf tail rotor. Am I
right and what would be the better choice ?
Thanks for your opinion.
Paris, France.

Hirobo GPH 346 : opinions ?

Post by DrivinWe » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:53:22


The GPH is a wonderful helicopter, I really regret selling mine. If I were you,
however, I'd wait for the new Sceadu 50 to come out. It looks to be a great
helicopter from all I've seen and should have all the things that make Hirobos
such great helicopters.

Back to the GPH though... I had the aftermarket tube drive which worked great.
I have heard that some people thought there is insufficient tail authority in
one direction on the tail (shaft driven only) but I never found this to be the
case. As the tube drive is a very expensive upgrade, I'd get the belt if I had
to do it all over again.

Good luck with whatever you do.

-Aaron B.


Hirobo GPH 346 : opinions ?

Post by Aileron » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 08:43:30

 I had one for 2 years or so. The GPH is a very reliable heli and mine stayed
set up and in tune for long periods of time. I did a lot of tumbling and never
had trouble with anything on the ship coming loose or breaking. Basically, I
flew it stock with a shaft drive and an old OS 50 in it. The ship handled
crashes well, If I remember my worst crash was an $80 one. It auto`s a lot
better then the 30 size ships but not a good as a 60 (understandable). I would
rate it as an all around very good reliable heli, though for what ever reason
they do not seem to be everywere like the Raptor and such.  rick markel