E. H. Scott serial numbers

E. H. Scott serial numbers

Post by Kent Kin » Fri, 16 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Folks -

I am working on a database of E. H. Scott (pre-war) serial numbers. I'd
like to gather as many as possible, so here is the deal: For everyone
that emails me a serial number and set description, I'll send them an
updated list of all Scott serial numbers that have been received. No
names are kept with the database, just the model of the set and its
number. A few notes:

A pre-war Scott serial number is LETTER-NUMBER or LETTERLETTER-NUMBER,
such as: V-175 or AA-214. If you are not sure what set you have, send
the following: tube count (or lineup), # of knobs, type of dial
(airplane, slide rule, drum, etc.) From that, the model can be

To give everyone time to respond, the first list will be sent out about
Nov 1. Thanks!

- Kent King