fa: antique am loop antenna

fa: antique am loop antenna

Post by toxcrusad » Wed, 03 Aug 2005 02:42:57


> What "low act"?

Perhaps "parting out a 40s Fisher custom console" could be considered

I know people (even collectors) don't have space to save everything,
but I'm always disappointed to see complete working or restorable
radios parted out just because.


fa: antique am loop antenna

Post by No longer amuse » Wed, 03 Aug 2005 03:52:52

Do you know how many radios I've found that weren't on eBay were
missing that one or two vital components, ie a coil or the back/loop
antenna? That was through plain old loss usually, and it's not all that
good to deal with one that doesn't have the antenna designed for it.
This person is selling some part(s) separately instead of valuing the
set as a whole, which was designed so that everything worked

I didn't mince words...low is when you do what he did and it's too bad.
I can't expect you to see my way but I am being honest to my own