DART DeClick & DeHiss DirectX Plug-ins Available

DART DeClick & DeHiss DirectX Plug-ins Available

Post by David Sadl » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00


   DARTECH, Inc.,  today announced the release of two new software
products,  DART DeClick and DART DeHiss DirectX plug-ins. The DART DeClick
and DeHiss audio restoration algorithms are known as the best and most
powerful audio restoration algorithms available. Now DeClick and DeHiss
can be used with most of the popular audio and multimedia applications
such as CALKWALK, Sound Forge, or Cool Edit.

3It has been our goal to offer our audio restoration technology in more
ways so more people can make use of the DART technology,2 says Henry
Neils, President. 3Now our restoration technology can be used with most
popular audio and multimedia applications.2

The DeClick and DeHiss plug-ins are nearly identical to the same DeClick
and DeHiss functions found in DART PRO 32, recognized as the best audio
restoration software system available today. A free demo of DART PRO 32 is
available and can be used to evaluate the DeClick and DeHiss restoration

The DeClick and DeHiss plug-ins are expected to be used by audio engineers
for re-mastering and other professional audio work, for use with archived
music and old music recordings,  for clarification of speech recordings,
by school music labs for digital audio restoration education,  plus other
multimedia applications.

DART DeClick removes clicks and pops and some forms of scratch sounds, or
in technical terms, removes impulsive disturbances and low intensity
wide-band noise. There are settings for both Music and Speech restoration
for better results. DART DeHiss removes tape hiss,  surface noise on
records, and small click removal, or removes high frequency noise, and all
widebandnoise. Both plug-ins have the following features:
* Adjustable coefficients  for more intelligent signal renovation
* Preview option - for quick testing using representative fragments of the
audio file.
* Microsoft ActiveMovie DirectX multimedia plug-in interface support.
* On-line Help for functional, settings,  and option explanations.
* 40 Minute multimedia audio restoration tutorial for an introduction to
audio restoration.

   Shipping in March, DART DeClick and DART DeHiss will be offered at a
retail price of $149 each or bundled together at a price of $209.

For a free demo CD of DART PRO 32 or more product information, contact
DARTECH, Inc. at 800 - 799 - 1692 or visit the DART web site at
www.dartpro.com. Other DART products are DART PRO 32, a complete audio
restoration and recording software system and DART CD-Recorder?, an audio
recording software system.  

DARTECH, Inc, is the software leader in audio restoration and recording.

What a difference a DART makes!

DART,  Digital Audio Restoration Technology,  is a registered trademark of
DARTECH, Inc another subsidiary of ZH Computer, Inc. DART PRO 32, DART
CD-Recorder, DART DeClick, DART DeHiss and the DART logos are trademarks
of  DARTECH, Inc. Other names may be trademarks or registered trademarks
of their respective companies.

Due to continuous development, prices, specifications, and availability
are subject to change without notice.

7600 France Avenue South
Suite 550
Minneapolis, MN 55435
Contact: Henry Neils or David Sadler
Phone: (800)  799 - 1692


DART DeClick & DeHiss DirectX Plug-ins Available

Post by Lsa » Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:00:00

if they are better than spin doctor, those declick and dehiss in spin
doctor are a shit and are made by DART, are slow and introduce strange
noises in the audio


DART DeClick & DeHiss DirectX Plug-ins Available

Post by Chris Benne » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I agree, Spin Doctor is not very good. However, Dart Pro declick is
GREAT. The dehiss and denoise I don't use.

For my records I use Declick in Dart Pro followed by noise reduction
in Cool Edit 96. This DART plug-in if it will work inside Cool Edit
would be, for me, an excellent solution.

Chris Bennett

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>if they are better than spin doctor, those declick and dehiss in spin
>doctor are a shit and are made by DART, are slow and introduce strange
>noises in the audio