TRADE: US Army Projector AMP + speaker FOR PA amp + speaker

TRADE: US Army Projector AMP + speaker FOR PA amp + speaker

Post by Filip M Gieszczykiewi » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

Greetings. I recently acquired the following in hopes of using it as a
PA system. I can but wonder if someone could appreciate it more and
would like to trade it for a decent "modern" PA system.

Item 1:
Signal Corps                    U.S. Army
Projector Set                   AN/PFP-1
AF AMPLIFIER                    AM-424(A)/PFP-1
Serial Number: 733 (cover) 906 (amp)
Contract #: AF33(038)14511
VOLTS 105-129, 50-60Hz, 1.5Amp

Amp has plugs for: Monitor (500ohm), Output (8ohm), AC Line (2
VERY heavy duty cords included - one grounded one not), Bridge
(2 1/4" plugs), Microphone XLR, Phone XLR, Projector 1 and 2
(no plug).

Amp has controls for: Gain (a tad noisy), Treble, Bass, Projector
Balance (trim - no know), Switch (Microphone, Phono, Projectors).

Other features: Thumb-release tube-access grille, filaments are
visible (except when metal tubes used ;-), Tubes are labeled,
Dark-Olive wrinkle-paint finish. Works great, Looks great.

Other: Amp is shock-mounted inside it's clam-case and it FURTHER
includes a second, reinforced (original) "Trunk" that contains the
spare tubes and parts and dust covers for the projectors. Most of
the tubes are in boxes from '52 but they are not tested or confirmed

Spares: 6SJ7, 6L6G, 6SL7GY, 5U4G, 6V6GT, fuses, lamps. More than
one of each for some items. Not including tubes in amp - which
work great. Do not bother asking if I will sell tubes alone!

Item 2:
Signal Corps                    U.S. Army
Projector Set                   AN/PFP-1
Serial Number: 734
IMP 16 ohms, Frequency 100-7000~, 12Watts

Comes with (what looks like) 50 feet of cable, includes an XLR plug
for chaining, finish good, sounds good, works good. *** (wires,
shocks, etc) in this and above Item is in excellent shape.


I don't sell/trade if I have a feeling it won't be appreciated for
what it is - some jerks buy these only to rip out the transformer and
reuse the tubes. Won't have that here. I'll use it if that's the only

Other than that, I'm open to a trade for a decent PA amp + speaker(s).
I have mixer and mics but need most everything else: amp (~45-100W),
speakers (rugged/rough-service), cords, etc. Must be in VG condition
and be ready for service. Prefer transistors but not ignorant enough to
refuse a GOOD tube amp :-)

Terms: Trades preferred - I'm in Pittsburgh, PA.  Due to weight and
tubes, I would prefer not to ship it. Would rather not part it out
on the Item level.

Take care.

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