fixing up dad's old HiFi, WAS:Re: Anyone know these radio/hifi brands?

fixing up dad's old HiFi, WAS:Re: Anyone know these radio/hifi brands?

Post by Dan's Cockatoo Ranc » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00


> I findally squirreled my way into the hifi cabinets my dad built and
> found out I have a Bogen "HiFidelity Sound System" amplifier, model
> DB10, and a Ko-Re-Kut turntable.

> The radio and amp are all tube, the turntable is belt-driven.  How much
> intelligence and/or expense will it take to get them going again.  I
> know the turntable has a hasn't worked in over 30 years.
> And from notes my mother left, it could be a transformer.

As with many things in life there is no clear cut answer to this. The
intelligence and expense is very much dependent on what has gone wrong
with it over the years. You will certainly need a new belt for the
turntable. It will have to have the old lubricants cleaned out and be
relubricated. An early fifties belt driven turntable like the Re Ko Kut
will not have much to the drive train. It could be that the motor has
a bad winding or is just frozen.

> But, if I need to check the tubes, I'm assuming I need a tube-tester,
> etc. to find out which are good and which bad.

This is pretty much the case. Substitution is the other way to test them
but you'd have to buy a full set of new ones to do this.

> So, bottom-line it for I looking at more than a few hundred in
> expense to get these up and running again?

If the amp has no serious problems, I.E. needs only a tube or two and maybe
a new filter cap, you could get it going for probably less than two hundred.
The larger issue is finding someone competant and honest who will do the work
for you. Many of us do our own work so the cost of labor is zero. And we are
all competant and honest.... well most of the time ;) Getting professional
help with a nice old set like this can get expensive. To try to do the work
yourself without experience or any test equipment is usually more than the
average person can handle. It used to be that you could at least take the
tubes to the drug store and test them on the worlds worst example of a test
instrument but those days are gone. What you can do is locate the oldest
TV shop in town. If they have been around for more than 30 years they will
probably have a tester. Pull the tubes out of the Bogen, make sure you mark
down somewhere which tube came from which socket, and see if the shop will
test them for you.

Have you tried to power it up yet?


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