Another fun project. A watt meter.

Another fun project. A watt meter.

Post by Foxs Mercantil » Sat, 02 Mar 2013 12:50:14

Rummaging around in the shop, I ran across a collection of Simpson
Wide-Vue meters. "Hrmmm, I should be able to come up with something
using these."

I did, I found a matching pair of 3-1/2" 0-150 volts AC and 0-30 amps
AC panel meters, and a matching 4-1/2" 0-3000 watt meter.

I about had a stroke when I found out the new price on the meters.
$120 for the 3-1/2" and $290 for the watt meter. Yipes!

Next on the treasure hunt was a cabinet to put them in. I had been
eying this used (i.e. already had holes in it) aluminum cabinet that
looks very similar to the Collins S-line gear. With a bit of adroit
locating of the meters, outlets and switches, I covered up all the
original holes.

Roughly a 6" tall 14-1/4" wide panel and a 15" deep cabinet. Looks
rather pretty sitting on the shelf above the bench with the Variac
and isolation transformer.

I tested it with a cheap Chinese oil type space heater. A little
over 10 amps at 124 volts and the watt meter is reading around 1260


PS: For the grammar nazis, despite eying being the one the spell
check comes up with, eyeing is also correct. (And it looks better)