FS: Your High School's Old Record Player

FS: Your High School's Old Record Player

Post by Bostoni » Sat, 30 May 1998 04:00:00

If you're older, do you remember the little commercial record
player that was used at the church dance or high school dance? No
big DJ 1000 watts of power and six foot high speakers!!!  This is
a great retro/memories gift for someone who remembers those days!

If you do, you'll get a chuckle out of this Newcomb commercial
record player.  Has four speeds, manual play tone arm, lighted
selector (oh those dimlit dances!), bass, treble tone controls,
self contained amp with controls and extension speakers. Even the
feet of the turntable are spring loaded for balance/shock!!!   It
all folds up neatly into a compact suitcase.  Hey if DJ's did
that now as was the case many years ago :-)

This was the property of a local high school many, many years ago
and it is labeled and etched as such.  You probably remember
dancing to a setup like this if you're old enough.  Hall it out
at a party and make everybody feel 1950's/1960's ambiance/vibes.

Photo at:


$35 or B/O plus postage.