WTB Parts for Garrard Zero-100

WTB Parts for Garrard Zero-100

Post by Frederic Phillip » Sun, 03 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Thanks to a friend (D.D., thanks again), I just came across a reasonably
complete and straight Garrard Zero-100. Of course, it needs some help, and
being the *** that I am, it's going to be my winter project-  it is
definitely a keeper. Looking for the following:

    1. A motor- one in it is marked "Synchronous, Series II." I believe that
the         motor used in any "Zero" or "SL" series turntable should work.

    2. An idler drive wheel (have heard it referred to in the past as a

    3. Rear section for the dustcover- the piece that is immovable in the

    4. A service manual and an owner's manual, so I'm not doing this by

Would consider buying another one for parts- tone arm and and associated
mechanisms are not needed.

TIA for all responses,