Snow Basher from a RS4 MT

Snow Basher from a RS4 MT

Post by John Gunterma » Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Well winter is here, and snow cannot be far behind.
I gave up on an RC Snowmobile and decided to go w/ building a RS4 MT for
winter use.

Anybody have any special suggestions on turning a RS4 MT tinto a serious
Snow Basher.

I was thinking a dish style rim (so as not to collect snow/ice in the
spokes and throw off the ballance) and a paddle style tread (to grip the
loose powder for better traction?).

Are there any special preacutions you'd recomend I take to protect and
potentially vulnerable parts on this vehicle.  (Besides waterproofing
the electronincs.)

Will the drive belts be too stiff in cold weather and cause any

Has anybody done this already ?.

Any Idea's on how to rig up a working plow for the front of it?-)

John Gunterman

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Snow Basher from a RS4 MT

Post by Ro » Fri, 10 Dec 1999 04:00:00

my friend just got done building a wild dagger snow machine! its gonna
rip, if it snows: ). he got two 14t d3.5's, a super rooster, and
pro-line sand paws on all 4!!!  i cant wait to give it a try, it looks

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