Post by CURT » Fri, 10 Mar 2000 04:00:00

My wife bought me one as a present. I've been into RC cars for nearly 30
years so I don't usually like RTRs.

For the price it's okay (an RC10GT RTR would be a better buy) if you really
NEED a 2wd monster truck.

The .16 engine is simply awesome. I put it on my RC10GT with an MPS pipe and
it simply hauls ass. Much stronger than any of my Traxxas .15 engines and
stronger than the new Associated .15  (Thunder Tiger built to their specs)
that comes with their RC10GT RTR.

This engine makes the truck worth it if it were not for the transmission
troubles. (covered in another post)

The shocks on this truck are well made, large diameter and easy to adjust
the pre-load on.

The suspension pins are all a little loose for my liking but were easily
tightened up with epoxy.

The brake works well. Even better with a piece of fuel line between the
collar and the brake arm.

The pan is tough as are all the "A" arms.

Love the tires and wheels. I installed foams and re-glued them but it really
didn't need this.

It came with one of the dogbones bent. (a factory option?) I replaced these
with Traxxas telescopic drives.

I ran the slipper loose at first but it melted the plastic spacer behind the
tension spring. Replaced it with a steel spacer and the slipper works better
than most.

The body is excellent and looks great with all the added parts and decals.

The truck handles well over jumps and will wheelie over backwards at nearly
full speed due to the engines excellent power.

Check my other post regarding the transmission problems.