problems with tamiya TGS pullstarter

problems with tamiya TGS pullstarter

Post by Eels » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 00:27:57


I'm new to fuel-cars rc racing, and I bought myself a Tamiya TGS (expert
build-series) 1:10 glow engine car on friday.

On Saturday I did a break-in session, I drove 4 tanks with half-speed, rich
fuel, and rich fuel setting.

Today I wanted to do a next break-in session, but I couldn't move the
pullstarter at all !! I was scared my motor was damaged, but after sometime
I could pull the string again. Does anybody know what could cause this
problem ?

gr Eelco


problems with tamiya TGS pullstarter

Post by Kristof » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 10:27:53

You probibly flooded the engine so much that it cant easily turn over,
you should take out the glow plug and tip the model updise down to try
and tip any fuel out of the combustion chaimber then try pulling the
starter and fuel should come splattering out of the hole where the
glowplug was. After its easy to pull refit the glowplug and try playin
with it :-)


problems with tamiya TGS pullstarter

Post by simply » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:09:18

I had the same problem with my t-maxx.
put me though a lot of brainbusting pain,
until i took the pullstarter housing off,took the oneway bearing out,and
drilled a small hole in the bottom of the pull starter housing.then i
put a small piece of fuel tubing in the hole,flush with the inside of
the housing,then i ran a small bead of silicone round the outside of
it.Worked like a charm,no problems from it so far.