Hand Glass Beveling Machinery CHEAP - 10 days left

Hand Glass Beveling Machinery CHEAP - 10 days left

Post by David J. Campbell J » Thu, 23 Oct 1997 04:00:00

SACRIFICE-have ten hand glass beveling machines total, MUST BE SOLD WITHIN
NEXT T*E*N D*A*Y*S MAXIMUM, and so far the -highest- bid for all TEM
machines is $2500 (US Dollars), not "per machine", but for the ENTIRE LOT

machines and all related equipment located Gainesville, north central
Florida, USA.

all can be seen, in 95 good clear color images, at website


please keep trying if site doesn't answer immediately or reports "no dns
nameserver that name" or "no such user"; addresses given here here *ARE*

Maker names: HG Lange, Sommer & Maca, and J&E Homan company. These are
FULL size floorstanding true industrial hand beveling machines, not
lightweight hobbiest or "entertainment" devices. They are made for day in,
day out use, on a production basis. Most of these machines are approx four
feet by four feet by six feet tall, and have cast iron "floor standing"
frames. I also have all related equipment: cutters, rotary phase
converter, books, racks, abrasives, cerium, spare wheeels, etc etc

before, hopefully)

The existing 2500 offer represents NOT EVEN the replacement cost of ONE
machine, or approx the replacement costs of the motors on the machines
ALONE. If you wanted to go buy these machines new today, they cost you in
the "five grand per machine" neighborhood, on average ... (5 grand x 10
machines = probable replacement cost of 50 grand for the machines, NOT
counting all the other related items that can easily "go with them")

I still *need* to be out of my shop by the end of this month - the
opportunity to (for all practical purposes) "steal" quality beveling
machines at prices like these won't come again, believe me ...

for 'cash poor" but well-intentioned folks, I might also trade or "barter"
these machines for other material goods 9non-glass-related type stuff; see
the wanted list at my site), or can consider other proposals, ideas, &
maybe leasing them, leasing to buy, etc



here's an excerpt from the fellow offering the $2500:

---paste begins---

Hi, Dave
I did have a chance to visit your web site ,wow!  I can't believe the
beautiful condition of these machines.  I can see that you are a very
meticulous person with a thorough understanding of the beveling technique
and use of the machines.  You have obviously spent 100's and 100's of hours
caring for these machines, It's hard to believe that you would could part
with them for any price let alone some bargain deal.

<snip - paragraph concerning other things>

I want you to know that I realize what a sacrifice you are making and I
would be honored to be the lucky buyer. Regardless of what happens, I hope
everything works out for the best for you.

Good Luck,

<guy's name here>

----paste ends---

folks, I hate to say it, but IF YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE ON THIS ONE. the next
time you see machines of this quality being offered for anything even
REMOTELY approaching this horrendously LOW price, you're going to be four
hundred and seventysix years old - hope you can wait that long :-).