Custom Art Engraver

Custom Art Engraver

Post by Calvin Lewis Beckwit » Fri, 25 Oct 1996 04:00:00

With the technology in hand we are able to engrave glass and even light
bulbs. The hand peace that we are using operates between 300,000 -
4000,000 rpms. That is to say we can engrave a deep and clean line with
out chipping the glass for there is no chatter. We are based out of CNY
and are willing to take on projects that are differant and rewarding.

        Other items that we have worked on includ but not limetid to:
Rocks, wood, mantals, eggs, walking sticks, meatal, leather vests, hogs,
dear horns, wine bottles, counter tops, babby bottales, sicurity #, and
much more.

        If you have any questions feel free to E-Mail us at the above


Custom Art Engraver

Post by Calvin Lewis Beckwit » Sat, 26 Oct 1996 04:00:00

        Thanks for all the suggestions. After a quick read of the posts here, it
seems that what I want to do wont work - I wanted to make drinking glasses
out of the bottles, but if I have to sand them down with carbo. or wet
sand paper, won't there be an abrasive surface left? I think I'll try
getting a glass cutter and rigging a contraption to hold it straight to
the bottle to I get an even edge

        I have made drinking glasses out of bottles and have worked
closely with a few chalanged students at a local high school. Wet
sanding, wors just fine and No there won't be any abrasive surface, the
sanding if the grit is fine for the fineshing set, will leave the glas
slighly bevaled and smooth enought to run your finger across with out any
cuts. After we make the glass we then engrave onto them with a little art
work and, the students take them home with a very grate reaction from the
        Good luck Calvin