Any Paragravers?

Any Paragravers?

Post by mag.. » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I just wanted to ask if there were any Paragravers out there?
Paragrave (or Paragraphics as they are now called) sells an
engraving kit used for glass, wood, metal, stone, and even
egg shells.  I've had a kit for about a year and a half, but
haven't actively started engraving for profit.  I want to get
my engraving business started, but I wanted to check with
other engravers using the Paragraphics system to see if
they were having more success engraving a particular item
(glass, wood, metal, and so on).

I am also looking for other means of engraving different
materials, so if any engravers (Paragravers or not) have
information on suppliers of engraving equipment, please
let me know.  Feel free to write to me directly.

Thanks to all in advance.


Joe Weintraub