SiG:Need Info on Litton Lathe Burners

SiG:Need Info on Litton Lathe Burners

Post by Roger Peterso » Fri, 31 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I recently purchased a small glass lathe from a private party.  It is a
shop-built unit, but uses a Litton 6 fire, 7 jet burner.  Based on the
pictures in the 1994 Wale Apparatus "Glassworking and Laboratory
Products" catalog, it appears to be a L9182S.  (I'm not sure if that
number is a Litton or Wale designation.)  I believe that the tips are
6/7 or 6/7N.

This assembly has the "Gas" and "Oxy" ports clearly marked, but it
appears that it is possible to reverse the burner tips and effectively
change the mix.  Is there a way to tell which ports should be burning
gas and which should supply oxy???