Post by Sam Gaylo » Thu, 23 Oct 1997 04:00:00

: Hi there...

: I'm new to the group, so please excuse me if this has been covered
: before.

: I've always done small pieces & 3D articles, but now I'm tackling a
: large job that involves 2 pieces, one a 32" square, the other a semi
: circle 32" x 16". The pieces are to be copper foil, and to be
: hung/placed in the windows by clips.

: Everything is under control, but I'm wondering if anyone has some
: suggestions on what to use for framing material? The couple want a
: small & discreet frame, and would like me to use zinc u-channel that
: I've used before, but I'm wondering if it will give enough support,
: especially for the large square.

: Any hints would be appreciated.

: Kathie Goodale

If you tack the zinc frame to the bead of solder each time it meets a
joint in the glass pattern it will hold quite well.  About 10 years ago
I made a 16x20 oval pattern for my nephew, and it's still*** in his
window.  It's not as large as yours, but it's still quite solid.


Hewlett Packard/Colorado Springs