Lost beads at N. Calif Bead Society show 5/3

Lost beads at N. Calif Bead Society show 5/3

Post by Nancy Blo » Tue, 06 May 1997 04:00:00

I lost a ziploc bag of beads at the Bead Bazaar on Saturday.  I had bought them from Kahn-
Fagan (they don't have them -I checked).  They are mostly plain dichro beads of
various colors, a couple of frog beads, and 4 pig beads -$52 worth -the receipt is
in the bag and has my business name (Artizanne) and my signature (NBlock) written
at the top.  I had intended to use the pig beads to make earrings for my young

I called the Bead Society and then the woman from the society who ran the show.
No call back from her, but she had left for Portland Saturday night.

If you have or know of someone who has this bag, please send it back or ask the person who has it to do
so.  I would really appreciate it.  I spent a good deal of time choosing those
beads, and my niece won't get her piggies if they don't re-appear.

Please do not email me as my mail is hosed.  My phone number is 415/327-5175.

Thank you.

Nancy Block
920 Harmon Dr.
Menlo Park, CA  94025