lampworked marbles

lampworked marbles

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>I have been working beads for about a year, and am starting marbles for
>kaleidoscopes, trying to put as much design in as possible.  Are there
>any marble makers out there with tips?  I have had some problems with
>cracking when put in vermiculite, so now go directly into 950 degree
>kiln.  I am using Moretti glass and am also trying pyrex, but the
>Northstar Borocolor is so expensive.  Hard glass does seem easier to
>work with.

>Ken Halliday


I make most of my marbles using Uroburos and/or Bullseye glass. Wide
variety of colors and if you are using any dichroic glass it is much less
expensive. I have found that marbles for kaleidoscopes are best kept
simple. The more you put in them the less light passes thru. Try to keep
design elements closer to the surface so that the core of the marble can
gather light and illuminate the elements.

Vermiculite is not a good idea for marbles as there is too much mass and
temp. loss too great. I make a portable bead annealer that I also use for
marbles. If you want more info on it send me an E-mail and a Fax #, if
you can, and I will send you a flyer.

Gerry Coleman, in Albuquerque, NM. has just released a video on marble
making in the torch. Excellent video. He also has cherry wood blocks for
shaping. I also have a supplier for the best graphite marble molds both large
and small, if you are interested.

Don McKinney
The Glass Palette


lampworked marbles

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Post your information to the net, please!  Thanks.  Lisa Vawter