FS: NY/NJ: Tent/Booth, Display

FS: NY/NJ: Tent/Booth, Display

Post by Stephen Ka » Sat, 10 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Complete, professional booth and display used in many juried shows.
Indoor/Outdoor convertible design. Very durable and stable in
windy/rainy conditions (much better than KD Kanopy types).
Curtains/fabric fire retardant. Completely modular Armstrong system
which can be arranged many different ways well suited for a variety
of items (we made/sold Origami mobiles, napkin ring sets, jewelry,
notecards, Xmas ornaments, etc.). Panels lock together, and fold
accordion style for transportation. There is space for***
items, as well as many shelves.  Detailed descriptions available.

             Item                          Original     Sell
Protector 10x10x 8 tent/indoor frame, bag    $627       $500
Black curtains and display fabric            $246       $150
Track Lighting, 6 lamps, UL approved         $360       $225
Armstrong display panels, shelves           $1375      $1000
                                            ------     ------
Individually                                $2608      $1875
Complete package (all items)                           $1725 or BO

Shipping additional; items can be seen/picked up in Westfield, NJ.
For more detailed information, call/e-mail Stephen: tel.(908)

Stephen Kay - composer/musician/programmer