SiG:Need Info on Litton Lathe Burners

SiG:Need Info on Litton Lathe Burners

Post by Michael Olse » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

> Is there a way to tell which ports should be burning
> gas and which should supply oxy???


Determining the proper orientation of the burner tips is easily done.
Litton burner tips are the 'pre-mix' type, with the O2 ported up through
the center of the tip.  Remove the tips and examine the holes where the
support legs connect.  The O2 recess will be drilled a little deeper, and
typically has a *circular* hole drilled up to the tip.  The NG side's
recess is shallower and will have a 'crescent moon' shaped opening leading
up to the tip.  Further indications of the orientation are that in an
older tip the recess on the O2 side will be relatively clean and smooth
and will exhibit a bluish oxide coating, while the NG side will be rather
pitted, dirty, and blackened -- obviously 'burnt' looking.

If the orientation of the tip is reversed in the burner, the resulting
flame will be unstable, noisy, and will have a large yellow cone of
uncombusted NG.

I have refurbished several Litton burners by completely disassembling them
and buzzing the parts for about five minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner with
a strong, hot 'Micro' detergent solution.  This is really only necessary
if there is 'crap' blowing out with the gasses.  To determing if it's
necessary, fire-up the burner and give it a few brisk raps on the side. If
this results in the flame suddenly turning yellow, then cleaning is
advisable. If it results in lots of yellow sparkles, then it *really*
needs cleaning! I once refurbished a burner that was in very bad shape and
required dipping in a pickling solution.  The base and arms can be reamed
with pipe cleaners, but an ultrasonic is the best way to clean-out the
tips.  If you'd like the formulas and procedures for a pickling solution,
see p. 31 of the article I wrote, 'Cleaning glass and metal surfaces in
the glassblowing shop', p. 22-32 in the _Proceedings of the Thirty-first
Symposium on the Art of Glassblowing_, 1986, published by the American
Scientific Glassblowers Society.

BTW, did I understand correctly that the lathe you bought is a

Keep the fire in your eyes!

Michael Olsen


SiG:Need Info on Litton Lathe Burners

Post by Roger Peterso » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00


Thank you!!  Using the center oriface as a reference is a really easy
way to tell.  Will fire it up as soon as I log off here -- and replace
the oxy cylinder.  So far, this burner seems to be consuming LOTS of

And yes, I have been having some trouble with stability of the
flame(s).  They sure are not like a Minor burner -- and I am also having
problems getting much heat out of them.  I will check the center flame
and try reversing the hoses.  If they prove to actually be reversed I
will disassemble the arms and turn each burner around so the Oxy/Gas
markings are correct.  

I really appreciate your help.