call for artists, artisans and collectors

call for artists, artisans and collectors

Post by North American Art Caf » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Welcome to a wonderful opportunity.

Visit the North American Art Cafe where you will find artists and
craftspeople from across North America.
Potters, Painters, Printmakers, Sculptors, Folk Artists and more are all at
the Cafe.
See the artist of the month, "wander" through the virtual gallery spaces or
visit TARP - The Artist's Resource Page where you will find call for artist
lists, funding information, gallery lists, art shows, magazines,
associations and more.

Are you an artist? Consider joining the Cafe.
Are you a collector? Let us help you find the artist or artwork you've been
searching for.

Visit the Cafe today at:

Warm regards,

Andrea Mulder
The North American Art Cafe