FS - hand glass beveling machinery, new blurb, "braggy" but accurate ...

FS - hand glass beveling machinery, new blurb, "braggy" but accurate ...

Post by d.. » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00


ten hand glass beveling machines total, all old, all FULL sized (_true_)
INDUSTRIAL models, all three phase (well, almost all, anyway), and all
(except two) fully operational. The two that aren't are mainly complete
(but disassembled) frames, but are less motors (of which I have many to
choose from) and their wheel(s).

Most all (90 percent of 'em) are fully restored, using a GREAT deal of
time and patience, and NO (as in *zero*) expense or amount of effort in
hours spared in their rebuilding. If you see them, you'll understand, and
you're welcome to bring ANYone you want to see them, for his (OR her)
opinion(s) as well; I have nothing to hide, so, bring halogen lamps if you
wish - NO pot metal or inferior mtl's were used when these babies were
made, and I never _added_ any of those "shabbyweight" type items TO 'em,
either - they STILL run great, and will "outbevel" anything made today,
_including_ other (so-called) "industrial" hand beveling machines that
feature undersized and easily overheated motors of unknown origin, fragile
wiggley frames, undersized shafts, pot metal or aluminum die-cast pulleys,
and inferior quality, foreign-made wheels...

IF you had the urge, OR the need, you could stick _three_ men on _each_
machine, and have them _all_ beveling at the same time, 24 hrs/day, day in
and day out, three men per machine, for weeks on end...and I mean
"beveling HARD" now, not "goofing off/lightweight stuff"...

all machines (and some of the hand tools as well) will be pictured at my
site "soon" (whenever that is, I mean..., I still need to "just do
it"...as Nike says...)

so, if you'd like to be added to my (as yet never mailed to) e-mail
mailing list, to be notified when my site goes "up" (it'll be fully
illustrated, pic's are already taken, doing scanning now, amongst other
things), pls send me your email address, and I'll let you know when that
is-it'll be soon. Those of you who _are_ on my list already, pls rest
assured I still have your address, and will be in touch w/you when site
goes up, as promised.

site will also include various texts on hand beveling, and many other
interesting related, and pix of other "not so related" items I'm also
wanting to de-aquire; eg: player pianos, steam cleaners, tools and
hardware, metal lathe, specialized and common lifting, hauling, and moving
equipment, a 100 ton locomotive jack cylinder with remote hyydraulic hand
pump (2 inch stroke),  pix of windows I made and various beveling jobs in
progress, gif's of "real" custom-beveled entryways (made from
_custom-made_ bevels, not from mass-produced foreign-made "clusters" on
thin plate), etc etc

thank you for your time and consideration :-),


anyone wanting more info right away? I'd be glad to e-mail you a text
description of the machines giving full descriptions, dimensions, etc etc
(& it's way less "braggy" than this "rap" above that I got "carried away"
into... ;-)

fair warning: these machines are each approx three feet by three feet, and
approx four to six feet tall, generally. you'd need at least three to any
serious hand beveling of any sort, or, preferably four. they weigh from
three hundred pounds each to, probably, three-quarters of a ton each, or
near that (& maybe over?). These are _NOT_ "tabletop" or
"hobbiest-oriented" machines...they have cast iron frames, and, unless you
have friends that are linebackers, these can't be moved up or down
staircases at ALL (without a freight elevator). folks seeking to "just
mess around a little with beveling" probably need something else, unless
they, like me, REALLY "get into" something when they DO "get into" it...

will sell for cash, OR will trade some or all of them for other items
(excluding glass-related items, like windows, lamps, etc) eg: antique
furniture, grandfather clock, laser printer, big scsi hard drives, backup
drives, a nice big monitor, digital camera, other computer-related items,
old rugs, an entire roomful of real wood bookcases (old OR new, but real
wood), sportscar, oriental rugs (old/new/whatever/let's talk), antique
cars, Porsche 911 or 356 needing repair or not, and, uhhh, LOTS of other