FAQ-GlassBeadmaking-Part 2

FAQ-GlassBeadmaking-Part 2

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PART 2 of the Glass Beadmaking FAQ, Version 1.07

8.                     INSTRUCTIONAL  REFERENCES

Abreviations for this section:
NB= not a bead making book but teaches glass techniques
?=  have not seen the book, may contain bead techniques


   The Bead Directory       Now includes glass beadmaking suppliers
   Cooper, Suzanne          Torch Beads
   DeWidt, Penelope         The Bead Business
   Drew-Wilkinson, Kate     How to be successful in the Bead Jewelry
   Dunham, Bandhu Scott     Contemporary Lampworking: A practical
guide to
                            shaping glass in the flame
?  Fused Fantasies          Glass Magic   (fusing)
   Jenkins, Cindy           You Can Make Glass Beads
   Kervin, James            More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About
                            Glass Beadmaking
   Liu, Robert              Collectible Beads
?  Lundstrom, Bruce         Glass Fusing  Book One
                            Glasscasting and Moldmaking
                            Advanced Fusing Techniques
?  Moorman, Shar            Warm Glass    (fusing)
?  Schmid, Edward           The Big Handbook of Glassblowing
?  Soderman, Alee           Cut, Cook, and Create (microwave fusing)
?  Reynolds, Gil            The Fused Glass Handbook
   Zimmerman, Alice         Lampwork Beads: The Book

Most of these books are available through Glass Artist Bookshelf-
28 S. State Street, Newtown, PA, 18940 or 1-215-860-9947.


NEW- Glass Buttons- Beyond Beadmaking: featuring Alice Foster
COMING SOON- Dichroic Beadmaking by Patricia Frantz

    Coleman, Jerry          Basics of Making Marbles (90 minutes)
    Fowle, Kate             Introduction to Glass Beadmaking
    Goertz, LeRoy           Beads and Beyond (Pyrex beads)
    Max, Michael            Beadmaking (60 minutes, for beginners)
NB  Reynolds, Gil           Kiln Crafted Glass:  Slumping
    w/ Kay***ey           Glass Beadmaking- Wound Dichroic Beads
NB  ?                       Hot Glass (teaches how to use the Fire
    Wilson, Lewis           Lampworking  (4 hours, lots of guests,
                            advanced techniques)
                            Murrine (how to make canes w/ minor
                            bench burner)
                            Animal Beads and Candy (25-30 animals +
                            candy,111 minutes)
                            Glass Beadmaking (the basics,1.3 hours)
    Zimmerman, Alice        Lampwork Beads I  (the basics, 5 beads
                            start to finish)
                            Lampwork beads II (Advanced Decorating,
                            15 decorating techniques)
                            Lampwork Beads III (Design, Shape, &

8.3 MAGAZINES   (all carry some beadmaking articles in some issues)

    Bead and Button           1-203-857-5355  bimonthly $19.95/yr.
    Glass Art                 1-303-791-8998 bimonthly  $24/yr.
    Glass Crafter (I think)
    (was Glass Artist)
    (was Professional Stained Glass)
                              1-215-860-1812 bimonthly $30/yr.
    Glass Patterns Quarterly  1-502-222-4527  quarterly  $18/yr.
    Lapidary Journal          Circulation Dept. PO Box  1100
                              Devon, PA, 19333  monthly $24/yr.
                              October is the Annual Bead Issue
    Ornament                  1-800-888-8950   quarterly  $ 23/yr.
    Glass Line                PO Box 847, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

    The Work of Contemporary Glass Beadmakers 1993

    The Gathering 2- a 56 page color catalog showcasing the 48
    artists in the show. $14 plus $3 P&H

    both available from The Society of Glass Beadmakers, P.O. Box
    San Rafael, Ca 94915-1613

8.5 Poster- 18"x 24" color poster from the show at the San Anselmo
    Art Glass Studio and Gallery for the Society of Glass
    Beadmakers. Available from Arrow Springs for $7.50.

 9.                          Supplies
The following are glass and glass equipment suppliers that sell
mail order.
These symbols will be used:
               K     of interest to beadmakers using kilns
               L     of interest to lampworkers
               G    of interest to *** beadmakers
               B    of interest to beginners

     3823 E. Anaheim Street  Long Beach, CA 90804
     Phone and Fax 1-310-494-3823

Dichroic glass manufacturer.  $100 min on jewels, bevels, rods, and
stringer. Sheet dichroic in round and square. Sample sets, dichropat,
sample sets. Minimum on sheet is 1/4 sheet (8"x8"). You can send in
your own glass and they will coat it for you. Offers free sample of
dichropat with catalog ($3).

     Route 1, Box 25, Elmwood TX 38560

They sell only glass sagging and draping molds. About 57 different
designs, all ceramic molds- no metal.

     4570 Tennessee Drive, Shingle Springs, Ca 95682

Beginner friendly catalog with everything needed for lampworking.
Moretti by the rod or by the pound. Torches, accessories, hand tools,
annealers. I personally recommend this one because of the prices and
please-the-customer services such as no packing charges on glass.

ASG (L, B)
     7015 North 58th Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301 or P.O. Box 552,
     Glendale AZ 85311-0552
     1-602-939-7260   fax 1-602-939-8044

Moretti glass rods, general lampworking supplies. While their
supplies are for the most part at a reasonable price, on their latest
price list they sell most Moretti for about $17 per lb. compared to
$8 per lb. from other suppliers listed here.

C & R LOO  (K, L, G)
     1085 Essex Ave. Richmond, CA 94801
     Toll-free order line: U.S./Canada   1-800-227-1780

Wholesale distributor of sheet glass- $100 minimum order (on sheet
glass only). They carry Q-colors, FA-powders, Kugler, Zimmermann,
Woesenthalhutte, Wasser, Bullseye, , and HG glasses. Many are carried
as sheet, frit, slab, etc. They sell sample packs of Bullseye products

at good prices  (including dichroics).
They carry the Bullseye Stix Pack recommended above.

     P.O. Box 1192, Oregon City, OR 97045
     1-503-650-6414    1-800-827-7044

Dichroic glass manufacturer. No minimum!! They sell most dichroics
in 90 c.o.e. They sell s***dichroic and dichroic stringers as well
as sheets. Ask for Dan if you need fusing advice. They sell kilns too.

      1620 Frontenac Rd., Naperville, IL, 60563-1762
      1-800-323-5668  fax 1-708-416-0448

Distributor of just about any glass item you could think of. The
catch? They only sell wholesale and only to people in business. You
need to send them in proof of business by having a yellow pages ad or
a few other ways that I don't remember off-hand. (Anyone?) Call them
to see if you qualify.

     (ask for Beadmaker's Newsletter, they have many catalogs)
     E. 1222 Sunset Hill Rd., Shelton, WA 98584
     1-206-426-6712    fax 1-206-427-5866

All basic beadmaking supplies. They have a good variety of
instructional glass videos. They sell Moretti glass, including the
only Moretti dichroic I know of, millefiori, torches, and tools. They
have a min. 1/2 lb. of each color ordered for Effetre(Moretti). My
favorite product of theirs is a Moretti glass assortment: 91 rods in
a color assortment including filigrana: 13" rods-$50, 39" rods-$145.
They put out a newsletter almost monthly and if you don't order
monthly you need to call to receive a new one. They now have no
charge on their glass.

       7402-A SW Macadam Ave., Portland, OR, 97219

38-pg. catalog. Good descriptions for beginners.
They sell kilns, fusing parts, a few molds. They sell Fuse Master
Enamels in 1 oz and 8 oz sizes. They are the only source I've seen
for the Murphy Fire Bucket, a mini-*** set-up (6x6 inside)
that runs on propane.

     626 Moss Street, Golden, CO 80401
     1-303-278-4670     fax 1-303-278-4672

They are primarily a lampworking supplier, but you could use their
products for other glassmaking. They sell all basic supplies, Moretti
by the rod, Pyrex rods in lots of diameters, Northstar Borocolour,
and enamels. There is a $3.00 handling charge for orders under $50.00.

     800 Orange St. P.O. Box 1039 Millville NJ 08332-8039   AND
     14000 183rd St, La Palma, CA 90623-1010
     1-800-833-0410  in NJ call 609-327-5228     fax 1-609-825-9014

Glass tubing, rod, blanks, and flat. Glass tubing in unusual shapes.
Glass lab bottles.

Kba Manufacturing (L,K)
     8129 N. 35th Ave. #2-319, Phoenix, AZ, 85051

May be wholesale to suppliers only.

     P.O. Box 1358, Cedar Ridge, CA 95924
     1-800-260-2137   fax  1-916-269-2930

Torches, drill presses, cut-off saws. You have to know what you're
looking for with these guys, because they don't hold your hand at all.
They are a good source for glass and ceramic tapes ( again you have
to know what you need, no descriptions, but there are b&w photos of
most products). They have Moretti, Corning Pyrex, and borosilicates.

       P.O. Box 5128, Asheville, N.C., 28813
       1-800-847-8427    fax 1-704-684-4894

Small equipment catalog. They sell blow pipes, tong, jacks, shears,
and gathering irons.

     Parkway Center, 929 High Street, West Chester, PA 19382

Mostly a stained glass supplier but carries fusible sheet glasses,
Moretti rods, and  some lampworking supplies. Last time I ordered
they had a $25 or $30 min (can't remember) for mail order. They also
carry kilns and enamels. Good reference catalog.

     157 Franklin Ave., Kent, Ohio, 44240
     order line 1-800-727-7473   1-216-678-0028   fax 1-216-678-8238

Some blowpipes and tools, but of major interest is their optical
molds. They have a new series of optical bead molds for those of you
doing cane work.

       400 Front St, Hellertown, PA, 18055
       1-800-444-WALE  1-610-838-7047  fax 1-610-838-7440

Geared toward the laboratory glass worker, not to artists, but could
be useful. Good descriptions. Diamond tools, lathe burners, many
torches, polariscopes, glass tapes, and safety equipment.

10.                   Societies and Organizations

Society of Glass Beadmakers   $35/yr. includes newsletter
Send check to Society of Glass Beadmakers c/o Shari Hopper,
2902 Neal Rd., Paradise, CA, 95969.